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ICAPPP 2018 opens for abstract in 12 fields both oral and poster presentation as the following:

1. Biorefinery/Bio-derived polymers/Bioplastics

Biofuels, Vegetable oils-based microemulsion biofuels, and Value-added chemicals from biomass

2. Sustainable Energy

Renewable energy, Fuel cell, Battery, Biodiesel, Polymer-based solar cell, Hydrogen production and utilization, Energy storage, CO2 as feedstock

3. Process Systems Engineering

Energy efficient processes, Process simulation, Process control, Optimization, Process Synthesis, Process operation, Numerical analysis, System and control theory, Mathematical programming, Computer science, Management science, Energy systems, Sustainability, Smart manufacturing, Process intensification, System biology, Computational modeling and simulation for advanced material systems, Model predictive control

4. Advanced Catalysis for Sustainable Chemistry

Catalysis for alternative energy, Catalyst synthesis and characterization, Catalysis for specialty chemicals, Industrial catalysis, Polymerization catalysts, Environmental catalysts, Selective olefin polymerization, Nanocatalysis

5. Biomedical and Bio-based Polymers

Healthcare, Biomedicals, Biodegradable polymers,  Tissue engineering scaffold, Bio-derived polymers, Bio-inspired polymers, Polymers for and from marine, Polymers for food and nutrition

6. Compounding, Blends, and Composites

Biocomposites, Biomineralization, Natural fiber reinforced composites, Polymers at surface and interface, Multiphase polymer systems, New industrial developments for polymeric materials, Light-weight materials, Additive polymer based, Polymer fibers, Porous polymers, Reprocessable polymers, Polymer processing & new industrial developments.

7. Colloid and Interface Science

Enhanced oil recovery, Remediation, Bio-based surfactants, Flow assurance

8. Rubbers and Elastomers

Stretchable electronics, Rubber modifications, Green rubber manufacturing, Rubbers in constructions, High performance rubbers, Reclaimed & recycled rubbers, Rubbers for health, Latex chemistry and technologies, Advanced elastomeric materials.

9. Frontier Polymers and Materials

Gels, Aerogels, Self-healing, Shape memory, Amphiphilic polymers, Polymers related for energy (solar cell, fuel cell, supercapacitors, advanced battery for sustainable technologies), Stimuli rresponsive polymers, Soft matters and nanomaterials, Dynamic and supramolecular polymers, Nanocellulose, CNC, Sensors, Wearable devices, Electroactive polymers, Polymers for devices

10. Emerging Sustainable Chemistry

Controlled radical polymerization, Controlled architectures, Complex macromolecular structures, Dynamic & supramolecular polymers, Carbon capture and utilization, CO2 conversion, Waste to energy, Membrane technologies, Clean energy, Carbon footprint, Green solvents, Refinery operations and process technologies, Ionic liquid/electrolyte solutions

11. Plastic Recycle
12. Strategic Policy and Investment for Biorefinery in Thailand

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Abstract submission

  • Abstract Submission Closed
  • Abstract SubmissionDeadline October 20th, 2018.  Last Minute Extension for Abstract Submission is October 31st, 2018.
  • The participant is allowed to present one paper per one registration.

Abstract Acceptance Notification

  • Notification of acceptance/rejection will be sent via email to the corresponding author or announced on the website dashboard in the abstract submission section.

Oral Time

Type Talk Time
Plenary Speaker 45 Min
Keynote Speaker 30 Min
Invited Speaker 25 Min
General Speaker 20 Min


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